This was the Vintage Entertaining Collection from Marquis by Waterford characterized by modern styling and full-bodied elegance. Wine blossoms when it can breathe, which is why I chose this stunning Wine Carafe.  To savor the wine were 4 matching all-purpose 29 oz wine glasses! The carafe has a deep base that maximizes the breathable surface area of decanted wine, while the elegantly tapered stem makes pouring and decanting easy.
Etched on the glasses was a puppy head study softly framed by edelweiss flowers.  On the decanter, paw prints encircled the glass as if climbing the mountains of Switzerland while running through fields of edelweiss flowers.

Raise a toast with these vintage all-purpose wine glasses and carafe that offer a stylish and contemporary interpretation of the tradition of Waterford fine crystal.

The set also included four cheese knives from Artistic Accents Bar Accessories that had been hand decorated with copper wire, Czech glass beads in black, clear, white, rust and brown and other larger hand blown glass beads.  The four cheese spreaders were decorated with the copper wire and Czech beads as was the corkscrew.





This multi-functional cake dome showcases the perfect blend of function and design. The hand-crafted glass dome covers a footed plate for cakes or pies, plus it does so much more. The cake plate reverses to a four compartment tray with an attached bowl. By simply combining the dome lid and plate in different ways they can be used as a punch bowl with a tray of fruits underneath, a covered crudite with dip server, an hors d'oeuvers plate with dip server, a salad bowl with vegetable add-ins underneath, a simple pie or cake plate, and much more.

The set also included six eight-inch round dessert plates etched with designs of Berners loved and lost by members of Kentuckiana Bernese Mountain Dog Club Members as well as a beautiful girl owned by a dear friend of the artist.  These designs are also on the plate and dome.  

In addition to the glassware were five cheese knives from Artistic Accents Bar Accessories that have been hand decorated with copper wire, Czech glass beads in black, clear, white, rust and brown and other larger hand blown glass beads.  The four cheese spreaders were decorated with the copper color wire and Czech beads. For serving were also six decorated dessert forks from Oneida, a decorated cake server from Oneida, as well as a salad serving spoon and fork from Yamazaki also decorated with beadwork and copper wire.

This was an incredible set that could be used over and over again, since it is not simply a cake plate and dome it will be a set that will find a home in a cupboard of close reach so it can be frequently enjoyed.



This year we did something different for the Health Fund Auction.  Once again I was commissioned by Karl and Peggy Rickenbach to do a piece; however, we wanted something unlike anything seen at any of the auctions in the past.  So, working in tandem with Maggie Brudos we came up with an serving tray that's interior image was a take off on the National Specialty's theme "Anchors Away" and it's logo of a puppy and a crab.  Maggie and I worked together to come up with a design we entitled, " Old Dog and the Sea" after Ernest Hemingway's book.  The whimsical design was delightful.  We then took a serving tray and Maggie painted it black and painted heavy boat rope along all the sides.  Once back to me, I layered the bottom with velvet; sealed all the edges and laid the etched glass inside and permanently sealed that as well.  Since this was a one of a kind piece, with the design never to be used again on any thing, both Maggie and I signed the back, titled it, and dated and numbered the piece. 

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This year Barb and Keith LeTourneau chose a few of my pieces to put together two different sets to be auctioned off at the Health Fund Auction.  One set was a wine caddy and a set of wine glasses.  The other set was a set of four Waterford Crystal wine goblets and a large crystal platter with Maggie Brudos' much loved Winey Chef etched on it.

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Wine Glasses and Cheese Set

The cheese set included four hand beaded spreaders, four hand beaded cheese knives, and a hand beaded corkscrew all in Berner colors

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